Is The Guard Right For You?

Everyone has them. The same old questions. Is the National Guard right for me? Should I join the Reserves? Should I join now? Or wait till after college?

I advise you to check out all the branches, even if it means just requesting literature and reviewing it. Although I was not interesting in joining full time, I did look at the brochures first to find out a little about the programs before I made my final decision.

Do Your Research!
A word of caution though: Sometimes (in reality, most times) brochures do not tell the complete story, and it is very difficult to base your decision either for or against on the contents of a brochure. When I was a recruiter, people were always telling me that they weren’t interested because of what they had read about it in a brochure. I’d usually say something like “I understand why you wouldn’t be interested in joining, but how could you be interested in something you know so little about? That’s why I’d like to take a few minutes to meet with you in person and tell you a little more about your opportunities.”

Join to….

  • Learn a skill
  • Become a leader
  • Get more education

Or, more importantly…

  • To Serve Your Country!

The men and women who choose to serve in the National Guard do so for a variety of reasons. The Guard offers a series of benefits ranging from competitive pay and education assistance to insurance and retirement benefits. A broad range of skills are learned through schools and job training, and leadership opportunities are numerous. Beyond these tangible benefits, most Guard members agree that the greatest benefit is the opportunity to serve their country, state and community.

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